Friday, 3 May 2013

Are the parents to blame for their children's addictive personalities?

Addictive personality types are a set of traits that many people have which make
them vulnerable to addiction. Studies indicate to some degree that these types of
people use their addictive vices as a way to overcome different types of stresses in
their lives.It is a typical theme that these people that abuse various substances have
negative self image or look down upon themselves and their lives.

Drugs are not the only thing these people usually tend towards. It is the case that
there are many people that will end up harming others or themselves through their
addictions. Common outlets for these personality types tend towards being things
like alcohol, video gaming or pornography, along with drugs. These behaviors
appear to be addictive due to the psychology of the individual that creates this
response. There are however many different outlets for the personality type of
addictive. It is often the case that the person in question will swap between different
addictions at distinct times.

There is however much debate over how these personality types emerge. Quite a
few people believe that it is based on psychological influences, although some others
believe it to be biological. Studies do exist that appear to show that adults who have
parents that are already addicted to something are up to 70% more likely to form an
addiction of their very own. Some think that these psychological influences cause
addictive behaviour due to the simple fact that we now have personality traits
responsible. Researchers have studied these kinds of factors, discovering that
existing addictions tend to be in people that are impulsive, stressed and sometimes
lacking in ambition.

Environmental factors may also have a part in these situations, causing triggers of
addictive responses in people prone towards it. As an individual gets significantly
more stressed and overwhelmed in where they are, if an addictive personality type is
found it is likely they will respond with an addictive move. There are studies that
seem to prove that those that have had poor upbringings are more likely to grow
addictive personality types as a way to cope.Various signs and symptoms exists for
people such as this.Impulsive actions are widespread. These people, when put in a
harmful situation, are much more likely to not look at the effects of their choices and
act impulsively.Antisocial nature can also be common in these forms of people.
Insecurity and the sense of being disliked is common, making them distance from
their friends and society. Other frequent signs are depression, with many feeling as if
they are the only ones on the planet that suffer from their issues, and that help is not
possible. Whether or not personalities prone to addiction are generated by the
environment, traits or the genetics of the individual, signs of this always exist and
favorable outlets are possible for those suffering.

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